DATE: 2017.03.31


On March 31, 2017 elements of the CIA and JSOC intelligence groups located the safehouse where Ambassador John Robinson was being held. At 0300 Task Force Bruiser moved in to rescue the ambassador.

Upon landing, US forces encountered sporadic small arms and mortar fire, but was able to successfully locate and retrieve the ambassador. During exfil, Bruiser 1 attempted to utilize enemy vehicles to escape and was delayed slightly by the loading process. Unfortunately at approximately 0330 a mortar round struck 15 meters from Ambassador Robinsons Humvee, knocking him unconscious. Immediately after, his Humvee took a direct hit with an RPG round, killing him instantly as well as a member of Bruiser 1.

The remaining US elements withdrew past the ridgeline and back to LZ Dagger where they were exfilled via Blackhawk. At this time Predator drone “Stalker 1” engaged targets at the camp and the road leading to the airfield, inflicting heavy casualties.

Our CIA assets on the ground managed to hold the perimeter during the assault and escape back to their compound once the remaining teams exfilled.



ENEMY KIA: We have recorded 23 confirmed EKIA, with an estimated 45 – 60.

OBJECTIVE FAILED: We lost the ambassador. This is a devastating blow to US operations in Syria.



Official Debrief

We have taken another major hit. This time it will be televised internationally and we will face severe backlash from the media regarding our in-country operations. The loss of a good American like ambassador Robinson hits home, but we need to keep focus and get back out there.

The one silver lining we can take from this is that Anwar Shah is incredibly confident in his ability to repel our attacks. We can use this confidence to take him out when the time is right.

Rest in Peace Ambassador John F. Robinson 1975 – 2017.

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