Operation Trident

DATE: 2017.03.31

GRID: 082225




Our local CIA assets have tracked the location of the UN Ambassador to a holding camp just outside of the Torbruck regional airfield. This is the first time in weeks he is above-ground in a suitable location for an operation. Initial intelligence reports that he will be transferred to the airfield and lifted out of the country, though we have no eta on the transfer. Regardless, the airfield is too heavily defended to attempt an operation and we will not have a window to hit them while on the move.

We go tonight at 0300. We are estimating that the compound is defended by around 20-30 insurgents, split into 3-4 satellite camps within a 100 meter radius of the target. These are PKK regulars with access to United States arms, vehicles, and training, so this will be a much more defended target than we have been used to. We are also expecting anti-personnel mines and IEDs in the AO, though we cannot locate them with ISR.


Insurgent response time will be swift, most likely less than 15 minutes. The garrison at the airfield will mobilize quickly and receive armored support from Oreokastro and other surrounding towns.