Operation Sandman

DATE: 2017.04.01

GRID: 046214


Anwar Shah has been located and confirmed in the town of Oreokastro. CIA assets have determined the threat level to be manageable and have push this operation through to us.

Normally Oreokastro hosts a company of 250 insurgents as well as 5-6 armored vehicles and various technicals, but thanks to US Navy Seal and MARSOC raids in the Kavala region this week, all of their vehicles and over 3/4 of the company will be moved down to the Rawah province tonight to provide support for an insurgent operation. They are slotted to return within 2 hours of leaving, but they will almost certainly be called back once we are engaged.

Command is designating a hard limit of 30 minutes for this mission. If we cannot complete this operation in that time, we cannot risk staying behind. We know that Shah has 4-5 prisoners in the AO that he keeps as an insurance against drone strikes. If Shah is unreachable, we can attempt to salvage the mission by recovering the prisoners allowing for us to drone strike his positions.

Bruiser 1 will conduct an airborne drop tonight at 1230, about 20 minutes after the convoy is scheduled to leave the city. They will move to position and be ready for the main assault no later than 0100. Once Shah is captured or killed, they will withdraw to a designated pickup zone for Blackhawk exfil.

Good luck and Godspeed troopers.

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