Operation Silent Resolve AAR

DATE: 2017.03.14


During the engagement Bruiser Team 1 successfully located the insurgent targets and conducted reconnaissance on the PKK / insurgent meeting. Bruiser then proceeded into the resort and took a strong point in the main compound. During the movement they were spotted by civilians who gave their location to PKK / insurgent forces.

In the resulting firefight Bruiser 1 suffered one KIA and the targets escaped the area before we could close on their position.

FRIENDLY CASUALTIES: Bruiser 1 incurred 3 casualties during the engagement. 1 KIA, 2 wounded.

ENEMY KIA: We have confirmed 21 EKIA in the AO.

OBJECTIVE FAILURE: Bruiser 1 failed to secure the two targets.



Official Debrief

Our failure to secure these insurgent leaders is going to greatly impact our operating power in the region. Now that we are aware of a breakaway PKK group, we can alert our Kurdish allies and strike on them together. Shah will surely see this as a victory and we can expect him to be emboldened by this.

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