Operation Jackhammer AAR

DATE: 2017.03.19



At 1300 Apollo 1 landed Task Force Bruiser alongside the target compound. Bruiser 1 moved to OBJ Bravo, securing the forward intelligence building outside the compound. They proceeded to immediately infiltrate OBJ Alpha and secure the HVT, now positively identified as Anwar Shah’s most trusted advisor Abdi Al Rashid.

Upon successful exfil, the perimeter team came under overwhelming insurgent attack in the form of car bombs, small arms, and technicals. Spartan 1 and 2 consolidated on the South-Central end of Pyros and reformed their perimeter until Bruiser 1 could reinsert and secure an extraction via ground convoy.

FRIENDLY CASUALTIES: Bruiser 1 suffered no casualties during the engagement. Spartan 1 has 8 confirmed KIA and 13 wounded.

ENEMY KIA: Initial estimates have enemy troop strength at 80-90 with a 75% casualty rate.

OBJECTIVE COMPLETION: Bruiser 1 was able to successfully exfil the target and return him to Camp Coronado.



Official Debrief

Jackhammer was a resounding success. Rashid is not talking, but without him Shah will have a difficult time organizing forces in the region. We also gathered intel that confirmed our fears of PKK insurgent forces. We will need to keep an eye on our PKK allies in the coming weeks.

During exfil we managed to inflict heavy casualties on the attacking forces. Our intelligence suggested there was minor insurgent presence in the area, so such a large counter attack was unexpected. The increasing amounts of enemy movement suggest the PKK breakaway group is assisting insurgents in the Murzuq Province. Camp Avalanche is placed on high alert until we can get updated intel.

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