Operation Crusader Debreifing

DATE: 2017.03.23


Immediately following the exfil of friendly troops from Gravia, Task Force Bruiser and Spartan reorganized to move back into the town. A column of Striker vehicles, supported by an M1 Abrams tank, moved into Gravia at 0700 and secured the Southern end of the town with little to no contact.

At 0710 Task Force Bruiser landed via Little Bird at crash site 1 and began searching houses for the crew of Apollo 3. Bruiser Team 1 was able to locate two crewmen who were KIA in a building about 50 meters from crash site one, surrounded by 15+ dead insurgents. They recovered the bodies and exfilled them via Blackhawk.

Sometime around 0730 JSOC received multiple sources of intel confirming the location of the remaining SOAR crew, and TF Bruiser re-routed to the target. The weather was bad in the early hours of the morning, so they encountered light resistance during infil to recover the prisoners. During exfil, Bruiser 1 and 2 were engaged by 20-25 enemies, but managed to break contact and return to base.

Immediately after returning, JSOC received another confirmed source of intel showing that tier one leaders in Shahs insurgency were meeting in Kavala. Goliath again re-routed Bruiser to get in position to capture / kill the leaders. A Chinook helicopter slung 2 .50 caliber Humvees to the Southern end of the city while Spartan 1’s convoy, including the Abrams tank, closed in on the North.

Upon reaching the center of the office district, Bruiser 1 and 2 took contact from 20+ armed hostiles. Around 1610 Bruiser 1 moved in to clear Objective Red Wing. By 1630 Objective Murphy was cleared and rigged for explosives. At 1700 all teams moved out of the city limits and the explosives in the office building were set off.

During the clearing phase, allied forces came under sporadic small arms and RPG fire, resulting in the Abrams tank being destroyed with one KIA.



ENEMY KIA: Initial estimates have over 115 EKIA

OBJECTIVE COMPLETED: We successfully rescued our remaining SOAR crewman and killed two of Shahs top advisors.



Official Debrief

Crusader sent a very clear message to Shah. We inflicted far more casualties on the insurgency over the past 48 hours then they have on us, and he cannot continue to operate while we are taking out his tier one advisors. We have intelligence reports coming in that may lead us directly to Shah, but we are still waiting for confirmation. In the meantime we will need to continue to get after it and take the fight to his doorstep.

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