Syrian Deployment Overview

Welcome to Task Force Spartan! We are in the beginning weeks of a 5 month deployment to Northern Syria. The entire campaign is going to be run utilizing dynamic map editing provided by Zeus. This makes the entire deployment play like a game of Dungeons & Dragons

Some examples of how dynamic this will be:

– If you raid a village and a helo goes down, you will be diverted to extract the wounded.
– If you kill too many civilians during a mission, the local militia will start to turn against you in future missions.
– If you destroy a large ammo cache, the insurgents will have less firepower to use against your future missions.

Every action is going to create a significant change in the map. If you level a village, the map will be updated with ruins in place of the village. The effects of that strike will impact future missions and make your life easier or harder, depending on the context.

Unit Structure

Task Force Spartan is comprised of the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. As the primary light infantry force in the region they provide Task Force Bruiser with operational support and QRF during their missions.

They are frequently tasked with independent operations including direct action, recon, and town patrolling / clearing. New recruits must serve 1 month in the Ranger platoon before being considered for Task Force Bruiser.

Task Force Bruiser, made up of elements from the 5th Special Forces Group CENTCOM, is the primary direct action combat team in the region. They frequently work with Task Force Spartan as well as local PKK militia to conduct direct action raids, recon, and other time sensitive or dangerous operations in the region.

The 160th is the gold standard for aircraft piloting in the US military. They provide all transportation (Callsign Apollo) and CAS (Callsign Ares) in the region and have a Para-rescue team attached to their unit.

All new recruits will be placed in Task Force Spartan for a 2 week training phase, unless cleared by command. 

Regional Leadership

Colonel R. Grimes

5th SFG CENTCOM Commander

LT Colonel J. Alexander

Task Force Bruiser OIC

1 Lieutenant B. Jacobs

Task Force Spartan OIC

SSGT A. Compton

Task Force Spartan NCOIC

Current Deployment AO: NORTHERN Syria

Murzuq Province

Danger Status: Charlie

Public Opinion: 75%

Nalut Province

Danger Status: Bravo

Public Opinion: 60%

Athira Province

Danger Status: Bravo

Public Opinion: 30%

Misrata Province

Danger Status: Alpha

Public Opinion: 10%

Rawah Province

Danger Status: Alpha

Public Opinion: 15%

Torbruck Province

Danger Status: Alpha

Public Opinion: 1%

Officer Ranks

officer candidate
Officer Candidate (OC)
2nd Lieutenant (2LT)
1st Lieutenant (1LT)
Captain (CPT)
Major (MAJ)
Lieutenant Colonel (LT COL)
Colonel (COL)

Enlisted / Warrant Ranks

Private (PVT)
Private First Class (PFC)
Corporal (CPL)
Sergeant (SGT)
Staff Sergeant (SSG)
Warrant Officer (WO)
Chief Warrant Officer II (CWOII)